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hydraulic flow control valve manufacturers

Flow control valves are using to adjust the amount of oil delivering to different parts of the hydraulic system. Here we will introduce you with the common types of flow control valves and their applications as well as the location of these valves in the hydraulic circuit. Proper installation of the valve in the right place ensures optimal system performance. In systems using fixed displacement pumps, as a result of the narrowing of the flow control valve duct, resistance to fluid passage will increase, thereby increasing pressure on the left side of the flow control valve. If this pressure can overcome the pressure level set in the valve, part of the flow discharges through the valve.


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Flow control valves are available in a variety of fixed (non-adjustable), adjustable, muffled and adjustable pressure compensators. At the symbolic, cut-out and actual views of an adjustable flow control valve (without pressure compensation system) the flow rate and pressure drop in the throat are dependent on each other and if the flow rate increases, the pressure drop with the square increases the flow, increases.
Valves without a pressure compensation system are using in cases where system pressure is relatively constant and precise adjustment is not suitable quickly. In most cases, a one-way valve is embedding in the flow control valve structure and allows the free flow of fluid in the opposite direction. The simplest of these valves are current limiters that are either a simple throat in the shotgun they make one-way valves.

Hydraulic Valve Manufacturers

Since the flow rate of the control valve (no pressure compensator) varies with the pressure drop across the throat, any change in the inlet or outlet pressure causes a change in the flow rate of the valve, but the control valves The flow with the pressure compensation system automatically adjusts to the pressure changes and always keeps the pressure drop constant and thus the flow rate through them will remain constant. You can buy a hydraulic flow control valve from many websites.

The flow control valves with the offset system are capable of operating in one direction only. One way to control bi-directional flow in a line is to use two flow control valves with two-sided valves. This system is ideal when different currents are present in both directions. But if you need equal flows, there will be problems in adjusting the flow control valves. In these cases, a flow control valve in the bridge circuit can be set in two directions in equal directions.

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Speed ​​lowering valves are another type of flow control valves that provide a negative acceleration to control the motor inertia of heavy loads or high-speed cylinders by gradually reducing the flow rate.  The cam angle connecting to the piston rod and valve design parameters determines the time and rate of deceleration. Usually, in hydraulic circuits with this valve, a one-way valve is using to provide free flow back. In general, the use of speed-reducing valves is most appropriate when the flow rate is significant.
In proportional flow control valves, the artistic combination of valve actuation mechanism with modern control systems has been used. Hydraulic system designers increase the accuracy and efficiency of these valves while reducing the complexity and number of system components. A proportional current control valve with electronic control adjusts the amount of output hydraulic fluid flow proportional to the amount of input current signal.

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The task of flow control valves is to control the fluid flow intensity in a hydraulic system. The flow control valve does this by tightening or widening the fluid passage. Manufacturers of hydraulic components should usually provide the following specifications for flow control valves:

  •     Maximum allowable pressure
  •     Maximum current allowed
  •     Inlet fluid characteristics; hydraulic fluid type, flow rate, pressure drop, and viscosity
  •     Physical Dimensions, Installation Method and Valves (inlet and outlet)

When the flow control valve is closed, the fluid flow intensity decreases and the valve opening increases the fluid flow intensity. The speed of movement of an operator is directly proportional to the fluid flow intensity. Therefore, to control the speed of the actuators, the intensity of the fluid flow in the system must be controlled. You can find the directional control valve in many online stores.

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The simplest type of flow control valve is a needle valve, usually made of stainless steel. The structure of this valve is very simple. The flow through a needle narrows and the intake of the current will increase. Needle valves are often operating manually and are using to open and close a flow path.
The size of the inlet is simply fitting by rotating a screw with the needle at the end. With the valve fully open (left image), the flow of fluid passes without restriction. When the valve fully closed (right image), no flow passes through it. Sometimes it may be necessary to limit the intensity of the flow through the system, in which case the needle valve adjusts in the semi-open state to limit the flow through the valve.


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Butterfly valve with gearbox actuator is the most used operator on this type of valve and is used from 8 inches up to 88 inches high and is coupled with two types of gearboxes. The first type has a coiled gear and the force is transferring to the valve shaft and disk by the coil gear. It is easily passing through a 90-degree rotation of the fluid. In the second type, the gearbox operates with a cobblestone valve rotation is easy. This product is applicable to remove the operator and automate the piping lines. Butterfly valve with electric actuator requires more time for opening and closing than pneumatic type. Due to closing time, it is suitable to use a pneumatic type for fluid control. It acts at necessary opening and closing time.

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