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fire hydrant valve manufacturers products

Indeed, Hydrants are among the fire fighting equipment. The hydrants are installing in the underground water ring in the city streets and in the areas of large industrial, commercial, residential. Hydrant valve outlets are generally a 4-inch main branch for connecting to the fire pump and 2 sub-branches for connecting the fire hoses. Unless there is a fire near it, they can extinguish the fire more quickly and prevent further damage. In this article, we talk about fire hydrant valve manufacturers. Fire hydrant valve colors are usually yellow or red. They have the potential to be antifreeze because in cold and winter zones water outlets may freeze.


Fire hydrant valve products

The benefits of standing valves overground type are that they are pristine. Namely, snow or asphalt due to their shape and height relative to the ground can not hurt them. They are easily visible. It is easier to dehydrate standing valves than ground valves. The only problem with standing valves is the possibility of a car accident with them, which we can evade by with clear signs at the installation site.
Furthermore, Dry hydrants are using in areas that are likely to freeze in winter. This hydrant discharges to the ground by the automatic mechanism of water inside it. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to freeze. In addition, The hydrant valve can be both horizontal and vertical. You can see Fire Hydrant Price on many websites. The more popular hydrants of the California model are used in areas where frostbite is not possible. The standing valve is always filling with pressurized water.

Fire hydrant valves Manufacturers & Suppliers

These valves are installed on the ground floor network, in open space and outside buildings (on the sidewalks of streets and intersections). These valves have a 4-inch main bifurcation and two 2.5-inch bifurcations. The main outlets for plumbing connection to the fire pump are either fire extinguishers directly (by duplicating valve). The pressure drop in these valves is 2.5 inches for the two-outlet type with a discharge of 250 gallons equal to 2 pounds per square inch.

These valves are made in two types: (Dry Barrel) This type of valve does not exist inside the valve body and when the valve is opened the water enters the pipe and when the valve is closed the water in the valve through a drain pipe which The tube is located at the outlet where the valve is free from the risk of freezing. (Wet Barrel) Another type of valve is a wet type that is full of water and suitable for areas where there is no freezing. These fire hydrant valves supply the fire engines through the 4-inch outlet and, on either side of the 2.5-inch outlet, are independently supplying with 2.5-inch fire hoses or by converting into 1.5-inch hoses.

suppliers of Fire Hydrant


  • Installation and Maintenance Tips:

    If there is a tubular fracture near the hydrant, it is possible to enter the stone into the hydrant, which has observed occurred many times to prevent drainage. Do not pressurize the valve in case of the above problem as it will damage the hydrant.

  • Open the valve again to fix it and allow the pressurized water to drain out stones or objects
  • If this does not fix the problem, cut off the water from the special line valve and report to the responsible person (be careful not to cut off the mainline of the street)
  • Do not forget about the periodic service of oil
  • Be careful when draining an outlet. Other caps are firmly in place
  • One of the lids must be open when the valve is representing (even if you are not taking in water)
  • Be sure to tighten the gasket inlet (filler) when converting and tighten with a goblin wrench.
  •  Avoid installing a hydrant under the wall

high-quality fire hydrant valves

Valves for fire extinguishers are manufacturing in different brands. This can be referring to as the Italian wire fire extinguisher valve, AWG. And these valves comply with national and world standards and have the utmost standards. Teflon strips and tapes are using to thaw these fire brass valves. Teflon strips are made in different brands. We can also use Liquid Teflon tape instead of pasty Teflon strips.
Liquid Teflon is also one of the highest quality liquid Teflon in the Iranian market. This Teflon strap is completely waterproof with these Teflon straps. Types of Teflon or pasty Teflon strips are producing which are widely used in the plumbing industry. The price of fire extinguishers in different brands varies depending on the quality they have.

Fire hydrant valves are made of ordinary cast iron or non-ferrous cast iron in sizes 3, 4 and 6 inches and length 135 to 210 cm to connect to the main water network via a flange, the standard type of valve in Iran. They are manufacturing by Fire Standard Company, which is famous to produce them according to standards.

Established manufacturer of fire Hydrant protection


In most cases, fire hydrant fire extinguishers are the main method of firefighters to extinguish fires in an urban area. There are rules for installing fire fighting valves at certain intervals. Also, firefighting valves must have free access to buildings, factories, urban and developed areas, as they are an important part of firefighting and security control.
To prevent occasional use or abuse Fire hydrant valve requires special tools to open with a special wrench provided by firefighters as well as car parks within 3 to 5 m distance of fire hydrant valve. However, the rationale for applying these rules is that in times of emergency the fire hydrant valve must be visible and positioning on the firefighters.
In rural areas where urban water systems are unavailable, dry hydrant valves are using to provide water to fight fires. A dry hydrant fire valve is usually fitting with a non-pressurized pipe that has an end beneath the surface of the lake or pond.

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