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10 models of butterfly valves

10 models of butterfly valves with ductile iron and electrostatic epoxy powder that you will need for your construction projects. Follow this article to find more about them. A Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve, that is used to stop, regulate, and start a flow. A butterfly valve has a disc that is mounting on a rotating shaft. When the butterfly valve fully closes, the disk completely blocks the line. When the butterfly valve is fully opened, the disc is at a right angle to the flow of gas or liquid.

10 models of butterfly valves

The uses of butterfly valves

10 models of butterfly valves

One of the types of industrial equipment and in fact the industrial valves is its unique application. The butterfly valve has a special and simple design and has a variety of types.
Types of butterfly valves are available in European, Asian, Iranian brands. The best prices for all industrial, oil and gas and petrochemicals, agriculture along with similar cases in cast iron, steel, stainless-steel are accessible too. Different sizes are at consumers’service, sizes 2 inches to 79 inches and upper and type of wafer, Flanged, and manual. Butterfly valves are using as isolating devices on pipelines. Operating, in general, in either open or closed position; they are applicable in certain cases to adjust the flow rate.

Butterfly Valves with Electrostatic epoxy powder Coating

10 models of butterfly valves

In recent years, the need to manufacture products that are less process and consumption less polluting for the environment and the environment has been steadily increasing. One of the reasons for the increased consumption of powder coatings is the same. Volatile organic compounds and heavy metal free and non-toxic products are all reasons for powder paints.
Powder paint consists of fine and dry resin particles as well as your favorite pigment, resin powder is applying through a spray gun as a liquid paint spray gun, except that the spray gun and resin particles contain an electrostatic charge.

  • Remember that:

This is because the workpiece is attaching to the Earth’s surface and absorbs particles like magnets. The particles adhering to the metal surface are baking in special industrial furnaces up to 400°F.   climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity, resulting in lower quality, lubrication, or orange peel surface can affect The solvent-based liquid color. In addition to atmospheric conditions, the skill of the painter will also have a direct impact on quality.

  • The following are some of the benefits:
  • Efficiency:

The powder paint system is far more efficient than the standard liquid paint system. The powder coating process is free of any dripping or flowing and does not require drying. In the process of applying powder paint, painting a large number of pieces is possible in the shortest possible time, which is one of the factors for less waste of paint than liquid paint.

  • To be economical:

When the pieces in the conveyor are stacked and stained and the process is completed in less time than the production cycle, the cost savings for each stained piece are reduced.


  • Optimal Energy Consumption:

Powder-based baking furnaces reduce the heat dissipation due to less need for exhaust gases, which requires solvent-based baking to be discharged through larger batches. Exhaust, the volume of exhaust gases is less in powder paint and is reversible to the environment, so powder paint installations are more energy-efficient than solvent-based paint installations.

  • Environmentally friendly :
 Powder paint is free of any solvents and the process of producing or applying it does not include pollutant gases. Powder paint has been approved as the purest type of paint. It is applied by electrostatic pregnancy and does not require harmful solvents. So it will have less waste.
  • Exceptional in gloss and beauty:
The powder color is extremely glossy and beautiful, yet has unique mechanical properties. A variety of colors and effects with adjustable gloss is possible from the lowest gloss level to the highest gloss level. We can cover Metal, wood and plastic components with powder paint and the surface can retain its durability and beauty for many years. Powder paint can provide a thicker film layer than liquid paint, without dying on the surface.  When the resin particles are spraying into the workpiece, the particles adhere to the metal surface. This is because the workpiece is attaching to the earth’s surface and absorbs particles like magnets. 


The market for powder paints consumption

10 models of butterfly valves

Today, the entire world, especially in the West, can be found with powder coatings. There are five major groups of industries, the consumer of powder paints,

  • which include:
  • Manufacturers of household appliances with large dimensions such as industrial and household refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, rotary dryers, Cooling instruments and cooling, ventilators and hoods, radiators, stoves and etc. This type of coating has good stability and acceptable shiny.
  • metal furniture, shelving, metal bed foundations, instrument boards, control panels, fire fighting equipment, hospital equipment, and metal separators. The group is in terms of powder color consumption in the second grade, and about 25% of these industries benefit from powder paint. The figure can increase by up to 45.
  • Various Metal products manufacturing industries: The productions of this group include architectural equipment, garden furniture, garden fencing, garage doors, chandelier, and lampstands. About 20% of these industries use powder paints.
  • In general, the benefits of powdered dyes are summarizing as follows:
  • Powder Paint has a cover of 8 – 12 square meters per kilogram of color.
  • Minimum waste is possible and about one percent.
  • Implementation of new designs on metals such as hammer, leather, wrinkles, cracks
  • It has a much higher quality in physical resistance and after color parts are also capable of pressing.
  • Longer life than liquid color vs. conditions and physical and chemical changes.
  • The lowest risk for the operator when spraying the paint (if you have a proper recycling system).
  • Having uniform thickness on the piece and not having sag paint.

10 models of butterfly valves with ductile cast iron’s material

10 models of butterfly valves

The butterfly valve is one of the simplest industrial valves. Butterfly valves have different models. Ductile cast iron Butterfly valves have different models of this type of valves are  as followings:

1.Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Handwheel
2.Butterfly Valve with Bi-Plane Disc
3.Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with By-Pass
4.Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Erhard Gearbox
5.Emergency Butterfly Valve with Weight Loaded Hydraulic Actuator
6.Flanged Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
7.Butterfly Valve with Lining
8.Wafer Type Butterfly Valve with Hand Lever
9.Lug Type Butterfly Valve
10.Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator

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